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Fleet Program | Auto Car Wash Fleet Program

Your company’s vehicles are often your customers’ first impressions of your business.

So it’s important to keep your company cars looking sharp. A sparkling, clean vehicle reflects attention to detail, professionalism and quality. Super Speed Wash’s fleet car wash services offer the perfect solution for businesses needing a fleet program. Our fast, high quality tunnel car washes provide fleet drivers a quick and easy way to keep company vehicles looking great while staying on the go.

In addition to fleet car wash discounts, fleet customers receive the benefit of detailed vehicle tracking, monthly invoicing, and online reporting and payment options.

Super Speed Wash currently provides fleet car wash services for a variety of Middle Tennessee businesses, including:

» Couriers
» Limousine Companies
» Medical Services Providers
» Dry Cleaners
» Contractors
» Real Estate Agents
» Pharmaceutical Representatives

How can we serve your business?

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