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The premium soaps, polishes, waxes and tire shine used at Super Speed Wash are free of phosphates, butyls, APEs, NPEs and hydroflouric acid.


Our computer-operated tunnel systems, by tailoring each wash to each car, use only the water your car requires, resulting in as much as a 90% reduction in water use (versus driveway and parking-lot car washing).  We recapture the water that other reverse-osmosis rinse systems typically waste — up to 1500 gallons per day, per location.

Waste water from our tunnels enters a 3-step separation process to remove contaminants before that water enters the sewer system; and ultimately our rivers and lakes. (Water from driveway and parking-lot washing goes directly into rivers, streams, and lakes.)


We’ve invested heavily in Variable Frequency Drives to conserve energy through computer management of high-powered motors.  We’ve also replaced power-hungry lighting fixtures with more efficient florescent and LED fixtures.

As your neighbor, we’re reducing nighttime light pollution. After closing down each evening, we use minimal exterior lighting.


We feature recycling bins at all locations — so get those cans, bottles and papers out of your car, and we’ll keep them out of the landfill.