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About Super Speed Wash

We love washing cars.


And we aim to do it better, faster and cheaper than other car washes.



Our auto car washes use premium soaps, polishes and waxes — including Armor All®, Turtle Wax® and Rain-X® products. The soft cloth in our exterior express tunnels is a combination of Neoglide and microfiber, both of which are engineered to clean thoroughly while treating your car’s finish with the utmost care. We rinse your car with reverse-osmosis filtered water, which ensures a shiny finish, free of hard-water spotting.

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We achieve these results quickly. Our automated payment terminals are simple and convenient. Our knowledgeable staff is always on site to answer any questions you might have. Our computer-controlled, conveyorized tunnels ensure that your car, truck or SUV is washed thoroughly without wasting time. We design our car washes for speed and your convenience.

At $6, $9 and $12 dollars, our wash packages are the best value in Middle Tennessee. The quality of car wash we deliver equals or surpasses that of any full service tunnel around. Cheaper means less expensive — never lower quality.

Super Speed Wash car wash consulting can help you build a Better, Faster, Cheaper exterior express car wash in your market today!  Click here to learn more or give us a call at 615-425-0734 to learn more.

Super Speed Wash, Car Wash & Polish, Nashville, TN